Self-Sufficiency Standard Calculator

The Center for Women’s Welfare Self-Sufficiency Standard Calculator defines the income working families need to meet a minimum yet adequate level, taking into account family composition, ages of children, and geographic differences in costs. Users can explore how the cost of living at a basic needs level changes across counties and family types.

State Specific Self-Sufficiency Standard Calculators

Self-Sufficiency Standard Calculators show how much families need to earn to meet their basic needs and can be customized for each state. For partners wanting more in depth analysis, Self-Sufficiency Standard Calculators like those for Nevada and Arizona include comparisons across family types, counties, and other income benchmarks such as the minimum wage and official poverty measure.

Benefit calculators available in Washington, Oregon, and New York City are powerful counseling tools that allow users to compare their costs according to the Standard and test if they are eligible for benefits that could reduce their costs. 

Follow our public Tableau page for the latest dashboards and visualizations.

Key Findings Visualizations

Online visualization tools complement report findings by allowing users to engage with the data findings such as with our analysis of President Biden’s American Families Plan. These visualization tools provide opportunities to share detailed data in-depth and allow users access to the data behind the report charts. 

Explore more examples from Pennsylvania and Connecticut

Benefit Cliffs

How can public benefits help families Reach Self-Sufficiency? Our newest tools allow advocates and policymakers to explore “benefit cliffs” and to test the impact of changing the parameters of rules for state and federal support programs such as child care assistance, SNAP benefits, or Medicaid.

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