Self-Sufficiency Standard

New York & New York City

The Center for Women’s Welfare Self-Sufficiency Standard defines the income working families need to meet a minimum yet adequate level, taking into account family composition, ages of children, and geographic differences in costs. The Standard is an affordability and living wage economic security measure that provides an alternative to the official poverty measure.


Special Series: FPWA 2023 Briefs

Technical Appendix
December 2023 | Annie Kucklick, Sarah Brolliar, Lisa Manzer, & Alyssa Mast 

The Problem of Income Inadequacy
December 2023 | Annie Kucklick, Sarah Brolliar, Lisa Manzer, & Alyssa Mast 

Special Series: Overlooked and Undercounted 2018 Briefs

Key Findings
October 2018 | Diana Pearce 

Defining Self-Sufficiency in New York City
October 2018 | Diana Pearce

A City Evolving: How Making Ends Meet has Changed in New York City
October 2018 Diana Pearce

Race, Ethnicity, and Citizenship
October 2018 | Diana Pearce

Gender and Family Structure
October 2018 | Diana Pearce

Employment, Occupations, and Wages
October 2018 | Diana Pearce

Work Supports
October 2018 | Diana Pearce

Technical Brief
October 2018 | Diana Pearce

@FPWA | | New York, NY

FPWA promotes the social and economic well-being of greater New York’s most vulnerable by advocating for just public policies and strengthening human services organizations. Read more.

FPWA uses the Standard to calculate how much income is needed for genuine economic security and to influence policies across New York State.

@FundforNYC | | New York, NY

FCNY develops and facilitates innovations in policy, program, and practices to support government and nonprofit organizations. Read more.

FCNY uses the Standard, known as the NYC True Cost of Living, to better understand the realities faced by New Yorkers.

@unitedwaynyc | | New York, NY

United Way of New York City (UWNYC) is dedicated to helping low-income New Yorkers make ends meet and achieve self-sufficiency. Read more.

@NYCWomensCenter | New York, NY

The Women’s Center for Education and Career Advancement educates on and advocates for socially just public policies and works to build the capacity of the human services and other sectors to help families in New York achieve financial self-sufficiency. Read more.

WCECA uses the Standard to develop policies and inform eligibility for work supports.

The Standard has previously partnered with the New York State Community Action Association which works to strengthen the capacity of organizations providing services to people living in poverty across New York State.

How to cite

All Self-Sufficiency Standard data that has been produced by the Center for Women’s Welfare is publicly available. When using the data, please credit the Self-Sufficiency Standard at the Center for Women’s Welfare, University of Washington.

Contact with any questions regarding methodology or appropriate citation.

The Standard in Use - New York

Labor Union Negotiations

Labor Union Negotiations The Standard has been used in California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Nebraska, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington State

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