Self-Sufficiency Standard


The Center for Women’s Welfare Self-Sufficiency Standard defines the income working families need to meet a minimum yet adequate level, taking into account family composition, ages of children, and geographic differences in costs. The Standard is an affordability and living wage economic security measure that provides an alternative to the official poverty measure.


The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Connecticut 2019 
October 2019 | Diana Pearce

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Connecticut 2015
September 2015 | Diana Pearce

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Connecticut 2005
December 2005 | Diana Pearce

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Connecticut 1998
1998 | Diana Pearce

Demographic Characteristics of Households Below Economic Self-Sufficiency in Connecticut (2019)
October 2019 | Diana Pearce

Overlooked and Undercounted: Where Connecticut Stands (2007)
June 2007 | Diana Pearce

On the Road to Economic Security: Exploring Economic Security Pathways Using The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Connecticut (2015)
September 2015 | Diana Pearce

Connecticut Healthcare Affordability Index (CHAI)
CHAI measures the impact of healthcare costs on a household’s ability to afford all basic needs, like housing, transportation, childcare, and groceries. CHAI starts with the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Connecticut and adds in additional details that influence healthcare costs such as type of insurance coverage, age, and health risk.

Connecticut Healthcare Affordability Index 2020
December 2020 | Lisa Manzer & Diana Pearce

Household Healthcare Spending Target Report for Connecticut 2021
June 2021 | Lisa Manzer


@OHS_CT | | Hartford, CT

Connecticut’s Office of Health Strategy implements comprehensive, data driven strategies that promote equal access to high quality health care, control costs and ensure better health for the people of Connecticut. Read more.

OHS uses the Standard to aid in the development of a healthcare affordability standard.


@compbraswell | | Hartford, CT

The Office of the State Comptroller provides accounting and financial services, to administer employee and retiree benefits, to develop accounting policy and exercise accounting oversight, and to prepare financial reports for state, federal and municipal governments and the public. Read more.

OSC partnered with OHS and researchers at the UW School of Social Work and UCONN AIMS to develop the Connecticut Healthcare Affordability Index.

@pcsw_ct | | Greenwich, CT

The PCSW provides expertise, research, resources and advocacy in order to improve the lives of women and girls in Connecticut. Read more.


How to cite

All Self-Sufficiency Standard data that has been produced by the Center for Women’s Welfare is publicly available. When using the data, please credit the Self-Sufficiency Standard at the Center for Women’s Welfare, University of Washington.

Contact with any questions regarding methodology or appropriate citation.

The Standard in Use - Connecticut

Labor Union Negotiations

Labor Union Negotiations The Standard has been used in California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Nebraska, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington State

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