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Self Sufficiency Standard

Research and Resources

In addition to the Self-Sufficiency Standard calculations and reports, (Resources by state) the Center uses the Standard as a basis for other research. This includes demographic reports, economic security modeling, and other research related to poverty and self-sufficiency.

Economic Security Pathways

The first step to achieving economic security is meeting household basic needs at a minimally adequate level, which is calculated in the Self-Sufficiency Standard. However, the Standard is admittedly a conservative measure. Realistically, achieving incomes at the Self-Sufficiency level should not be assumed to mean the achievement of economic security, but is instead the first and necessary, but not sufficient, step. Considered in these reports are three key pathways that adults can take to move closer to long-term economic security, which we call Economic Security Pathways (ESPs): postsecondary education, improved housing and/or homeownership, and savings for retirement. Economic Security Pathway reports have been published for Connecticut, IndianaOhio, North Carolina, and Wyoming.

Demographic Reports

The Center for Women’s Welfare publishes demographic reports, which use U.S. Census Bureau data to analyze the characteristics of those above and below the Self-Sufficiency Standard in particular states. Demographic reports have been published for California, Colorado, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Jersey, New YorkPennsylvaniaWashington State, and Wyoming.

Self-Sufficiency Calculators

Various organizations have taken Self-Sufficiency Standard data and transformed it into online calculators. While some of these allow users to easily look up the particular Self-Sufficiency Standard for a family type in a given place, others are complex screening tools that also evaluate eligibility for public benefits and services. See the sidebar for a list of states and associated calculators.

Other Research and Resources

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