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Self Sufficiency Standard

New York

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for New York City (PDF)
2014* | 2010 | 2004 | 2000

Overlooked and Undercounted 2021: Struggling to Make Ends Meet in New York City

Special Series: Overlooked and Undercounted 2018 Briefs
Key Findings
Defining Self-Sufficiency in New York City
A City Evolving: How Making Ends Meet has Changed in New York City
Race, Ethnicity, and Citizenship
Gender and Family Structure
Employment, Occupations, and Wages
Work Supports
Technical Brief
Demographic Dataset [Excel]

Self-Sufficiency Standard Tables [Excel]
2018 | 2014 | 2010 | 2004

The Calculator for the City of New York

Women's Center for Education and Career Advancement

*2014 is a joint Self-Sufficiency Standard and Demographic Report.

Self-Sufficiency Standard for New York State (PDF)
2021 | 2010 | 2000

Self-Sufficiency Standard Tables [Excel]
2021 | 2010 | 2000

New York State Community Action Association